• Rozé Jean-Charles

    Agro-Economics – Class of 2012

    The second-youngest of six children, Roze grew up in a small town on the southern coast of Haiti. His mother is a street vendor, his father a tailor, and neither of them earned enough money to send Rozé to university. (more…)

  • Frederica Pierre-Louis

    Law – Class of 2016

    Growing up in Gonaives with her mother, Frederica always had a love of learning. Although she enjoyed sports, especially volleyball, she was more interested in school and social issues. At the age of 12, she recalls having a burning desire to understand the root causes of suffering and injustice. After her father passed away in her teenage years, the feeling only intensified. (more…)

  • Nardine Desulma

    Law – Class of 2016

    “Being a student has been my only occupation thus far, and I’ve put my heart and soul into it,” says Nardine. “I’ve always given my best.” Growing up outside Port-au-Prince, her mother worked in a factory and as a street merchant selling soda and candy and, although her father also helped out, with four children, the family struggled to make ends meet. (more…)

  • Islande Saintilus

    Medicine – Class of 2015

    After the earthquake struck Haiti in January 2010, Islande was in high demand. HELP arranged for the talented medical student to volunteer at clinic in Jacmel run by her sponsor organization, HTF. (more…)

  • Jean-Kensley Germinal

    Medicine – Class of 2012

    Jean-Kensley didn’t want to leave his mother and little brother in Cap Haitien to study in Port-au-Prince, nearly four hours away. “I don’t like it,” he says. “Too many people, too much activity.” But like or dislike doesn’t really enter into the equation: Jean-Kensley says he’ll go wherever his studies and career take him. (more…)

  • Angélie Orelien

    Medicine – Class of 2012

    When Angélie was in eighth grade, she experienced a tragedy that would influence her direction in life. A very good family friend was seriously injured in a traffic accident. Unable to find the orthopedic care she needed in her hometown of Gonaives in northern Haiti, she had to take a public bus over 100 kilometers to Cap Haitien. (more…)

  • Lourdwige Felizor

    Medicine – Class of 2013

    The youngest HELP student in medical school at Haiti’s prestigious University of Notre Dame, Lourdwige returned to Port-au-Prince a month after the earthquake to start her orthopedics internship at a local hospital. (more…)

  • Michel-Ange Dagrain

    Computer Science – Class of 2013

    Michel-Ange’s mother never learned how to read or write, but “she understands the benefit of knowledge,” says Michel-Ange. That’s why she successfully pushed her four daughters to do their best in school. (more…)

  • Théodule Jean-Baptiste

    Medicine – Class of 2012

    Théodule’s father was a primary school principal who made educating his eight children a top priority. When Théodule was a child, his father told him that two things lead to success in life: work and study. “And he told me, ‘if you do well in school, you can get to the top of society,’” Théodule says. (more…)

  • Ed-Philippe Jean

    Public Policy & Planning – Class of 2016

    One day when Ed-Philippe was in primary school, he came home with poor marks on his report card and his grandmother was very upset. (more…)

Thanks to HELP, I have become a competent and skilled doctor, and I will work to address Haiti’s social problems through engaged citizenship.

— Theodule Jean-Baptiste, medicine, class of 2013

Fegens Tinegre