• Fegens Tinegre

    Agronomy – Class of 2018

    Fegens is one of eight children in a family that always valued education. With no schools in his hometown that offered instruction beyond the tenth grade, Fegens and a younger sister moved to Cap Haitian to live with an older brother in a single rented room. (more…)

  • Pierre Charles Plaisir

    Computer Science – Class of 2017

    In order to send him and his four sisters to school, Pierre Charles’s family supplemented his father’s modest monthly income of $200 as a school administrator by renting out two rooms of their four-room house. (more…)

  • Maureen Petit-Frere

    Law – Class of 2018

    Describing her life growing up, Maureen says, “We were a happy and tight-knit family. Though we lived modestly, my siblings and I always felt like we had a bright future.” Her father supported the family of eight children working as an engineer. (more…)

  • Dulene Ema

    Business Administration – Class of 2016

    Dulene grew up in a town on the Dominican border with her mother and three brothers, one of whom is mentally disabled. Her mother is diabetic and too sick to work, and her father lives in the Dominican Republic. (more…)

  • Joseph-David Jean

    Computer Science – Class of 2016

    Joseph-David is the youngest of four children; their father died when Joseph-David was four, their mother died when he was 13. “Life after my parents’ death was very difficult,” he says. “Sometimes we only ate once a day and often the neighbors would have to help us.” (more…)

  • John-Wesly Amy

    Agronomy – Class of 2017

    John-Wesly is from a small town in rural northern Haiti. He is the oldest of seven children, his mother is unemployed, and his father works half day as a teacher and tends to their small family farm in the afternoons. (more…)

  • Fabiola Rosier

    Education – Class of 2017

    Fabiola is the fourth of five children. Growing up, her father worked as a merchandise inspector while her mother stayed home to take care of Fabiola and her siblings. (more…)

  • Arschad Alexandre-Laude

    Architectural Engineering – Class of 2017

    Arschad says that as a young child, he “suffered less than many people in the country.” But, like for many Haitian families, this economic security was fragile. When Arschad’s father, a plumber and electrician, injured his arm in an accident, leaving him unable to work, day to day existence became a challenge for the family. (more…)

  • Yvelise Pierre

    Agronomy – Class of 2017

    Yvelise grew up in Saint Marc with her parents, sister, and six brothers. Her father is a farmer and her mother sells produce. (more…)

  • Peterson Jean

    Computer Science – Class of 2016

    Peterson was born in Cité Soleil, a notoriously poor neighborhood on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince that is frequently plagued by gang activity and violence. Peterson’s mother is unemployed, and his father was once a builder but had to resort to fixing watches and phones on the street to support Peterson and his two siblings. (more…)

HELP has greatly improved my quality of life and supports me like a family.

— Landy-Sabrina Cyprien, agronomy, class of 2014

Jinoue Cherizard