Théodule Jean-Baptiste

Medicine – Class of 2012

Théodule’s father was a primary school principal who made educating his eight children a top priority. When Théodule was a child, his father told him that two things lead to success in life: work and study. “And he told me, ‘if you do well in school, you can get to the top of society,’” Théodule says.

But although Théodule has excelled throughout his academic career – he is consistently on the honor roll at Haiti’s state university medical school – he seems more interested in helping his country than in climbing a social ladder. He says he wants to use his medical training and organizational skills to reform Haiti’s healthcare system. “We need creative people who want to use their minds,” says Théodule. “Too often, we just transplant foreign systems onto our own, and they don’t work, or we wait for foreigners or the government to fix things. But we can’t do that. We need to consider our reality and consider our resources and see how we can use them to give the population a better life.”