Sebacien Cater Cesar

Management – Class of 2015

Born in the coastal countryside of southern Haiti, Sebacien’s mother could not afford to support him growing up, so he was adopted and raised by his godmother.Sebacien attended Catholic school his whole life because his godmother worked with the nuns as a seamstress, and they helped to fund his education. When he reached secondary school, Sebacien had to maintain high grades in order to keep his place at school, but this motivated him even more, and it was his excellent academic performance, along with his clear financial need, that led to his admission to HELP.

Paying for school independently would have been extremely difficult, especially at ESIH, the private university where Sebacien is pursuing his management degree. He is grateful to be part of the HELP community, and says that the program has opened him up to “exploring a larger world of possibilities.” The leadership classes in particular have taught him about decision-making and rigor, which will be beneficial qualities as a future manager.

Sebacien chose management because “it is related to everything.” His goal is to use his skills to help organize and coordinate organizations and institutions for the betterment and progress of Haiti. He hopes to partake in projects that will “develop Haiti’s infrastructure and human resources, while fostering the creative spirits and sense of community of the Haitian people.” The mission of HELP has solidified Sebacien’s belief in Haiti’s need for strong community, communication, and collaboration, and Sebacien looks forward to using the knowledge and opportunities he has gained to make a difference for others in his future endeavors.