Pierre Charles Plaisir

Computer Science – Class of 2017

In order to send him and his four sisters to school, Pierre Charles’s family supplemented his father’s modest monthly income of $200 as a school administrator by renting out two rooms of their four-room house.Things were still difficult though. “Many times we went to school without eating,” he says, “and there was no money for transportation so we had to walk.” Despite the financial hardships at home, Pierre Charles was always a dedicated student, and he graduated from secondary school at the top of his class. But the cost of university made his dream of continuing his studies and “becoming part of the intellectual world” out of the question until he learned about HELP from his principal.

Today, at HELP, Pierre Charles is on the verge of realizing that dream. He was always interested in math, science, and all things technical and is already thinking of ways to use his skills for the greater good. “I’d like to help advance technology in Haiti’s education system,” he says, “which will also contribute to creating more opportunities beyond just Port-au-Prince.”

“HELP teaches its students how to work together to change our country for the better,” says Pierre Charles, who adopted HELP’s mission early on. “I want everyone contributing to supporting my education to know that many more people will benefit from the investment that others have made in me.”