Pharana-Paula Auguste

Dentistry – Class of 2016

Unlike her older brother, who went to university on a volleyball scholarship, Pharana got to where she is by pushing herself in school. “I don’t believe in limits,” says the dentistry student, who learned about HELP from one of her friends.

Before joining the program, just getting to university was a challenge for Pharana. She lived so far away that it took her over four hours a day to get to and from school. And with no electricity at home, Pharana had no light to study by when she returned from class after dark.

Thanks to HELP, she now lives in student housing near her university, a constructive environment which allows her to focus on her studies. In addition to her core courses, Pharana is also an active participant in the English and leadership classes offered at HELP, and she feels that her involvement with the program has helped her to grow as a person. “I’ve learned the importance of communication and solidarity,” she says. “HELP has given me everything I needed before, but didn’t have. It has made me realize I can accomplish everything I set my mind to.”

Looking to the future, Pharana is committed to “using my knowledge and skills to help those in need.”