John-Wesly Amy

Agronomy – Class of 2017

John-Wesly is from a small town in rural northern Haiti. He is the oldest of seven children, his mother is unemployed, and his father works half day as a teacher and tends to their small family farm in the afternoons.The family’s financial situation was unstable while he was growing up – there wasn’t always enough money for all of the siblings to go to school or even to eat. Despite these hardships, John-Wesly earned top grades throughout secondary school, and he always thought he would be able to get into the State University on his own. But when it came time to apply, he realized how many other students from around the country were vying for the same limited spots. He also realized he would need money not just for tuition, but for books, transportation, food, and a place to live. His dream seemed out of reach until the director of his secondary school told him about HELP.

Agronomy is a natural field of study for John-Wesly given his passion for the environment. “I grew up around nature, with my father being a farmer,” he says. “I want to help people to cultivate better, and teach them how to better use their land.” John-Wesly already feels at home in the HELP community: “I appreciate the absolute and mutual respect among my peers and the staff,” he says. He also has access to resources and opportunities that he has never had before. “The first time I used a laptop was at HELP,” he says, “and I have always wanted to improve my English, which ESL classes allow me to do.” Above all, John-Wesly enjoys being among people “who are actually working to help improve Haiti.” This dedication, he says, has led him to “work harder and love my country more.”