Jean-Faubert Dorancy

Computer Science – Class of 2011

As one of the top students in his high school class, Jean-Faubert typically received a partial scholarship to put towards his studies. Even so, he had trouble making up the rest of the fees, and clearly remembers being told he could not take his exams if his fees were not paid in full.

Had his father’s boss not seen an ad for HELP in the local paper, Jean-Faubert thinks he would probably have ended up teaching primary school instead of getting his university degree. The mild-mannered student says he now finds it difficult to visit his home in Petion-Ville, south of Port-au-Prince. “I see lots of people in whose place I could be: they’ve finished high school and have nowhere to go, nothing to do. I got to come to HELP.”

Jean-Faubert’s computer skills were an enormous asset to the organization after the January 2010 earthquake. He moved into HELP’s student housing and began rebuilding the organization’s computer lab. “We lost about 30 computers in the catastrophe,” he says with dismay. “What we had left had to be completely reinstalled, reformatted, and re-networked.”

In addition to school and his work at HELP, Jean-Faubert also participated in NetHope Academy, a computer science internship program where trainees are matched with a mentor and gain hands-on professional experience by providing IT assistance to NGOs in Haiti. Today, Jean-Faubert is employed as an IT Assistant at Habitat for Humanity, using his knowledge and skills to support the organization’s post-quake reconstruction efforts in Haiti.