Indieu Jules

Computer Science – Class of 2012

Indieu initially wanted to study medicine, but he’s glad he’s chosen computer science as a career path instead. “It’s more realistic,” says he says. “All I need is a computer and my competence. Doctors need a lot more: books are expensive and medical school takes a long time to finish. And I never would have had my own clinic.”

If it weren’t for HELP, Indieu says he’d probably be working in his hometown outside the capital. The top-performing student regularly substituted for his geometry professor in high school, and realized he liked teaching. In addition to tuition and books, Indieu also appreciates living in HELP’s student housing, a short 15-minute walk from class. Without it, he says, he’d be living in an apartment at least two hours away from school.

After graduation, Indieu eventually hopes to start his own computer science school back home, in one of the worst-performing secondary school districts in Haiti. Thanks to his HELP-funded education, he plans to improve those results.