Rebecca Jacques-Leblanc

Business Management – Class of 2015

Rebecca grew up outside Port-au-Prince with her mother and younger sister. Her father left when Rebecca was nine and has not returned. Rebecca’s mother worked as an elementary school teacher, making just enough money for the family to survive.“We didn’t have much growing up,” Rebecca says, “but we made do with what we had.” Given her mother’s profession, education was especially important to Rebecca; she always strove to do her best and she was consistently first or second in her class. In her final year of secondary school, Rebecca was rewarded for her hard work by receiving a full scholarship, which helped to alleviate some of the financial burden on the family.

Rebecca learned about HELP from a friend in the program, and today she is glad to be a part of the supportive community of students. She especially appreciates HELP’s IT and ESL classes, which were not offered at her secondary school. The leadership curriculum has also helped her grow personally. “I’ve become less shy,” she says. “And I’ve realized that I’m a stronger person than I ever thought.”

Rebecca has always had a knack for figures, but she is also interested in administration, so her business management program at university is a great fit. She is enjoying her studies and looking forward to working in a company after graduation, managing the books and making decisions. She hopes to use her academic and leadership skills to become a successful businesswoman, and “someone who contributes to the next generation by helping to solve the problems that Haiti faces today.”