Gina Francois

Accounting – Class of 2008

According to statistics, nowhere in the hemisphere is it harder to find work than in Haiti. However, armed with the proper training and attitude, HELP students continue to flourish after graduation, maintaining a 100 percent employment rate and garnering praise from employers and colleagues alike.

As an accounting major, Gina distinguished herself by earning the highest GPA in HELP history, and she continues to excel in the work force. After only 18 months at her post as the junior accountant for the American Red Cross Caribbean headquarters in Port-au-Prince, Gina was promoted to chief accountant.

In a show of gratitude, Gina made a generous donation to HELP out of her first paycheck. Not coincidentally, the Red Cross chose another HELP graduate, Ermine Civile, to fill the junior accountant position vacated by Gina.