Fabiola Rosier

Education – Class of 2017

Fabiola is the fourth of five children. Growing up, her father worked as a merchandise inspector while her mother stayed home to take care of Fabiola and her siblings.Neither her mother or father ever finished school but in spite of their lack of education, they always encouraged Fabiola in her studies. After hearing about HELP through a radio announcement, Fabiola’s father accompanied her to the HELP Center to pick up an application.

Today, Fabiola is thrilled to be a part of HELP. “I like the sense of community that the staff and students encourage,” she says. “We are creating a sort of small society that will one day contribute to helping change the larger Haitian society.” She really enjoys HELP’s ESL curriculum, and has seen her language skills steadily improve. “My English class is great!” she says. “The atmosphere is fun and comfortable, which makes it easy to learn.” Leadership courses have also had a strong impact on her personal growth. “I’ve discovered my instinct to be a leader, and have learned that I have more courage than I knew,” she says. “I feel much more aware of the world going on around me. And the community service projects we work on have been very fulfilling, because we can see the results that our work produces.”

Fabiola is studying education, a subject that she has always been passionate about. “My mission is to be a teacher,” she says. “In primary and secondary school I always helped my classmates and tried to explain whatever they didn’t understand.” As a HELP student, Fabiola is truly taking her education to the next level and looks forward to passing it on to the next generation.