Ensheila Edmond

Communications – Class of 2016

“I’ve always wanted to do my best and to be around others who are doing the same,” Ensheila says. Growing up in the outskirts of Port-au-Prince with her parents, two sisters, and an older brother, Ensheila usually preferred reading over playing, and was at the top of her class throughout secondary school.

Ensheila has tremendous respect for her family and her country. Her father passed away in 2010, and she now feels that it is her obligation to help support the family in his absence. “The most important part of my life is education, to give my all and to provide for my family, community, and country. Those are my top priorities.”

Bright, hard-working, and well-informed, Ensheila is passionate about social change. “In Haiti, we often don’t take advantage of the resources we have to improve living standards in our country,” she says. “I want to use my education to help Haiti progress and develop.” At the same time, Ensheila is a natural leader, and is committed to serving as a role model for others in the future. “I want to raise awareness among other young people so they can learn from my success.”

Today, Ensheila is grateful for the opportunity to be part of HELP, where she is thriving academically and among her highly motivated peers. “HELP is based on capacity, will, and intelligence, and stresses professional development and academic rigor,” she says. “It is a transformative program for young people in Haiti.”