Ed-Philippe Jean

Public Policy & Planning – Class of 2016

One day when Ed-Philippe was in primary school, he came home with poor marks on his report card and his grandmother was very upset.Ed-Philippe sees that day was a turning point – her reaction showed him the importance of education and he has worked hard to stay at the top of his class ever since.

But many uncertainties at home meant that it wasn’t always easy for the talented student to focus on school. Ed-Philippe’s father has been ill for many years, which has caused great emotional and economic strain on the family. His mother sells produce at a local market, but her meager earnings are barely enough to support the family, and Ed-Philippe always thought that university was out of the question financially. When he learned about HELP from a friend, he redoubled his efforts to ensure that he would be a competitive candidate for the program.

Ed-Philippe’s extra efforts have paid off, and today he is hard at work pursuing his university degree. As a student of public policy, he is invested in changing his country for the better. “One of the biggest problems facing Haiti right now is lack of organization and dialogue,” Ed-Philippe says. “I want to work directly in Haitian politics to help strengthen the weak systems. My country cannot change overnight but I believe that real change is both necessary and achievable.” With the professional and leadership skills he’s building at HELP, Ed-Philippe will have all the tools he needs to contribute to a brighter future for his family, his community, and his country.