Dulene Ema

Business Administration – Class of 2016

Dulene grew up in a town on the Dominican border with her mother and three brothers, one of whom is mentally disabled. Her mother is diabetic and too sick to work, and her father lives in the Dominican Republic.He sent back money for their schooling when he could, but it often wasn’t enough to cover the fees. Dulene always saw doing well in school as the best way she could help her family. Her top grades got the attention of her secondary school director, who provided her with a partial scholarship, and also introduced Dulene to HELP.

Dulene says that her interest in management and finance came from being responsible for the family budget when she was growing up, and she is thrilled to be pursuing a degree in this field. She also enjoys HELP’s ESL classes: “I know that English is very important and it will give me more opportunities as a graduate,” she says. On a personal level, Dulene is overcoming her shyness and building her self-confidence thanks to her classes at HELP. “I have a better understanding of my own strengths,” she says. “I’ve become more mature, and am learning how to confront challenges that used to seem impossible to overcome.”

Dulene is already sharing her success with others through her participation in HELP’s nationwide recruiting campaign, visiting secondary schools in her home region to speak to younger students about the importance of education and the opportunities available at HELP. “Haiti is missing so much education,” she says. “The skills I’m learning at HELP will allow me to support my family and to ensure that more young people like me are able to go to school.”