Daphning Pierre

Engineering – Class of 2016

Growing up, Daphning enjoyed singing and reading, and took part in many extracurricular activities, including a street beautification team in her hometown and a literary journal at her secondary school. But above all, Daphning was an excellent student committed to giving her all academically.

Despite her top grades, Daphning worried that she would not be able to afford to continue her education at university. Her mother is a health worker and her father is unemployed, so paying for tuition and living expenses in Port-au-Prince seemed impossible until a family friend encouraged her to apply to HELP.

Today, Daphning is thrilled to be part of the HELP community: “HELP empowers its students, the next generation, to realize their dreams and improve our country,” she says. In her university courses and HELP’s IT, English, and leadership classes, Daphning is hard at work building the skill set she needs to make a difference. She is particularly interested in the practical applications of engineering in ways that can improve daily life in Haiti. “Development has to be people-centered,” she says. “I want to spread awareness about waste management and how to maintain a healthy environment.”

Looking to the future, Daphning is passionate about making the most of the opportunities given to her. “With the current conditions in Haiti, we must put use our education to benefit others in need,” she says. “We need to understand that we are all Haitians, in the same boat. Everything we have we must share with one another.”