Beverly Pierre

Accounting – Class of 2015

Beverly grew up in the Delmas section of Port-au-Prince, her father a contractor and her mother a housemaid. Though both of her parents had a limited education, they understood its importance and encouraged their daughter to do well in school, despite the family’s financial hardships.

Beverly took this advice to heart and persevered, studied hard, and graduated secondary school at the top of her class. Going on to unidersity always seemed impossible until she learned about HELP through a friend of her father. Today, she says that being part of the program has changed her life significantly. “Thanks to HELP, I am not still at home washing clothes and dishes every day,” she says. “Instead, HELP has allowed me to hope for something better.” In addition to allowing her to pursue her university degree in accounting and freeing her from the financial strain that plagued her childhood, HELP also gives Beverly access to classes in ESL, leadership, and computer literacy, and enables her to be part of a community of likeminded scholars. She particulary connects with the concepts taught in HELP’s leadership class, where she says “I am improving my communication and interpersonal skills, and learning more about how I can help Haiti.”

Beverly looks forward to joining her country’s professional workforce as an accountant, and specifically hopes to work in the national production sector. Above all, Beverly is dedicated to giving back to her family, to HELP, and to Haiti, which she will “never leave behind.”