Arschad Alexandre-Laude

Architectural Engineering – Class of 2017

Arschad says that as a young child, he “suffered less than many people in the country.” But, like for many Haitian families, this economic security was fragile. When Arschad’s father, a plumber and electrician, injured his arm in an accident, leaving him unable to work, day to day existence became a challenge for the family.Because of Arschad’s hard work and academic talent, his school allowed him to sit his exams even though Arschad’s parents could not pay regular tuition. Aschad took full advantage of this opportunity and graduated with excellent grades.

Arschad is thrilled to have found HELP, which he learned about from the director of his secondary school, and to be working towards his dream of earning a university degree. He is grateful not only for the crucial financial support HELP provides, but also for the supplementary ESL, leadership, and IT classes and the moral support and sense of community he receives from the staff and students. Arschad says he has “already grown intellectually and personally” since joining the program.

As a civil engineering major, Arschad hopes to combine his interest in design and his natural ability in math and science in order to help Haiti rebuild to international standards. “If people can live in a comfortable place, we can have a certain amount of peace and good health,” he says. “I want to change the face of Haiti and to give the world a better reflection of our country.”