Adeline Desir

Agronomy – Class of 2016

Growing up, Adeline enjoyed drawing, reading, and singing, but dedicated most of her time to earning top grades throughout secondary school. Her mother died when Adeline was 16, so she and her two brothers were raised by their father, who worked hard to support the family as a mason.Despite the loss of her mother, Adeline maintained her academic excellence, and was thrilled when a friend told her about HELP as a way to achieve her dream of continuing her education.

Today, Adeline feels at home among the community of HELP scholars, and it is hard not to be inspired by her optimism and determination. “HELP prepares a path to success for its students,” she says, “and it’s our job to apply our success and improve our country.” With her advanced skills in agronomy, as well as English, IT, and leadership, Adeline is committed to doing just that. “I want to do everything I can to help others in need,” she says.

Recognizing that education is essential to her country’s development, Adeline is already passionate about providing more opportunities to other young people like herself. “It’s important to make sure that future students have the chance to pursue their dreams,” she says. “It’s the only way that we’ll really be able to create change in Haiti.”