Peterson Jean

Computer Science – Class of 2016

Peterson was born in Cité Soleil, a notoriously poor neighborhood on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince that is frequently plagued by gang activity and violence. Peterson’s mother is unemployed, and his father was once a builder but had to resort to fixing watches and phones on the street to support Peterson and his two siblings.

Despite these difficulties, Peterson always worked hard at school, though he vividly remembers sitting in class as gang wars raged outside during primary school. In secondary school, he earned a scholarship to attend a private boarding school, where Peterson was able to thrive. In addition to standard academic subjects, he studied English and Spanish, lived as part of a tight-knit community, and was selected to a student leadership position in his senior year. After a HELP recruiting team visited his school, Peterson saw the program as “an opportunity to continue working hard towards a better future.”

Peterson is very happy to be studying at ESIH. “Without HELP, I never would have been able to attend the best computer science school in the country,” he says. He wants to use his skills in technology to help move Haiti forward, particularly through increased access to the internet and other tech resources for youth. “For me, education is the path that leads to success and change,” he says. “And I want to share the education and the opportunities that I’ve received to help others achieve their goals.”