HELP is committed to leading by example. Our commitment to equality of opportunity and stewardship of resources instills in our students the awareness and responsibility that will ensure a more sustainable future for Haiti.

Gender Development

The plight of young women in Haiti is particularly disturbing; over 1/3 of Haitian women aged 15-49 have no education at all. HELP reinforces its commitment to gender development through a specific recruiting campaign for girls. HELP visits all-girls high schools around the country where we talk to girls in all grades and encourage them to stay in school and concentrate on their studies. The Voila Corporation in Haiti sponsors public service announcements played on radio stations nationwide, featuring female HELP students sharing their experiences with confronting gender discrimination and showing girls the path to a better future.

At least 40% of each incoming class is reserved for female students, and HELP will increase this percentage to 50% over the next three years. HELP also provides leadership by example: the majority of the Haiti staff are women, including several in senior management.

HELP student Suzie Pascal with an honors certificate for being 1st in her class

Sustainable Practices

Operating in a resource-poor environment, HELP practices responsible and efficient resource use:

  • Waste Management: All organic waste from the HELP Center is composted for the garden. Paper waste is either composted or recycled. We are currently looking for recycling opportunities for plastics and metals.
  • Resource Consumption: The HELP Center recycles rainwater and has installed water efficient toilets and faucets. We estimate that these measures conserve over 10,000 gallons of water each year.
  • Community Engagement: HELP led a neighborhood campaign to build and install the first-ever public garbage cans in the HELP Center neighborhood. The project allowed students at HELP and neighboring schools to dispose of their garbage properly instead of leaving it in the street.

I am now on the path towards a brighter future for myself and my family.

— Frantzo Joseph, engineering, class of 2014

Lourdwige Felizor