Sandra Anojulu (2nd from L) at HELP with Christopher Pierre (L), Angelica Vincent (C), Immaculée Gaspard (2nd from R) and Deputy Director Amber walsh

Please support Board Directors Derek and Sandra in their effort to raise $30,000 to fund 3 outstanding, current HELP scholars by the end of 2018:  Immaculée Gaspard, Angelica Vincent and Christopher Pierre.

By helping to fund the scholarships of these three students, you are supporting one of HELPs critical strategic goals: to increase the number of new students admitted to our program in 2019.


HELP is excited to let you know that our 2018 freshman class of 28 students began university and HELP classes in September!

However, too many students that applied for scholarships were turned away; over 100 applicants were not accepted this year based solely on HELP’s financial limitations. Additionally, HELP has 30 current students that are unsponsored..

Only 1% of age eligible Haitians enroll in university and less than half of those graduate. At HELP, our graduation rate is above 90%.

With the help of Sandra Anojulu and Derek Jean Baptiste, Board Directors at HELP, we are embarking on an ambitious effort to fund 3 of these unsponsored scholars: Immaculée Gaspard, Christopher Pierre, and Angelica Vincent.

Our campaign goal is to raise $30,000 before the end of 2018 for Immaculée, Christopher and Angelica.

Dec 31,2019
End date

Immaculee Gaspard

From: Carrefour, Ouest, Haiti
From: Carrefour, Ouest, Haiti

Christopher Pierre

From: Port-au-Prince , Ouest, Haiti

Angelica Vincent

From: Cité Soleil, Ouest, Haiti

Scholar Profile:  Immaculée Gaspard

Immaculée was born in rural Marbial in southern Haiti. In 2012, when she was in high school a hurricane devastated her parents’ home and her family lost everything. All five family members moved in with an uncle

and they were unable to pay for school. Fortunately, because of her outstanding grades and excellent conduct, Immaculée’s principal offered her a rare scholarship. While excelling academically, life was a daily struggle, including the scarcity of food and the frequent mistreatment by individuals in her community. However, Immaculée managed to finish high school despite the hardships she faced.

Because high school was only possibly through a scholarship she received, Immaculée had no hope for college Until her principal told her about HELP. She shared many tears with her family when she was accepted.

Immaculée is studying Agronomy while taking advantage of many programs offered at HELP. Her goal is to return to Marbial to teach efficient agricultural techniques.


Since 1996, the Haitian Education and Leadership Program (HELP) has been transforming extraordinary Haitian students, that come from economic hardship and personal adversity, into leaders and changemakers for Haiti.

In addition to our university scholarship program, HELP is exclusive in providing a required curriculum that focuses on personal development, including four years of both English as a Second Language and Citizenship and Leadership.


Scholar Profile:  Christopher Pierre

The second child of four boys, Christopher grew up in a section of Port-au-Prince infamous for gang violence.  His single mother, a street vendor, had great difficulty paying for her sons’ school. In 2010, Christopher’s mother passed away due to a chronic heart condition, so he and his brothers were cared for by an aunt.  He described this moment as a transformational one, as his aunt taught him the importance of positive and negative life lessons.

Christopher seized these lessons and began to apply himself with even more rigor at school. The public school he attended recognized his hard work and potential, so the director paid his enrollment fees.

Christopher recognized the absence of guidance counselling in his school and noticed the necessity for the youth to have a mentor to guide them through difficult moments in high school.  As such, he began mentoring other students at his high school, especially those who were struggling financially and academically.


HELP is one of only a handful of organizations in the world that is fulfilling the UNs Sustainable Development Goal 4 of “expanding the number of scholarships available in developing countries for enrollment in higher education.”

More than 85% of HELP students remain in Haiti after graduating, not only earning more than 15 times the average Haitian salary but helping to combat Haiti’s historic ‘brain drain’ epidemic.

HELP students go forward understanding that real and lasting change can only come from within the country, by those who are most committed to its progress.

We respectfully ask that you consider a gift to the Sandra Anojulu and Derek Jean Baptiste Campaign to Fund Haitian Scholars and support HELPs ambitious effort to fund these 3 exceptional students.

Scholar Profile:  Angelica Vincent

Angelica was born in the notorious Cité Soleil neighborhood of Port-au-Prince. Her father is a scrap dealer and her mother is a street merchant who sells used clothes. Despite two parents working hard, Angelica often went to school hungry.

Since primary school Angelica’s dream has been to create a school for girls in Cité Soleil and to advocate for the rights of women. Her participation as a Sunday school teacher in her church and at the HELP orientation last summer has only strengthened her belief in education as the most powerful engine of progress.


The core of our work begins with the individual.

HELP combats the disparity in access to higher education, which inordinately affects students from rural and impoverished areas outside Port-au-Prince, by providing:

  • Scholarships to those who qualify based on academic achievement; the 2019 freshman class had an average high school GPA of 4.0;
  • Dormitory housing, offering students from rural areas opportunity to study at Port-au-Prince’s top universities, where none existed;
  • Books and supplies, also not offered by universities in Haiti, forcing poor students to rely on photocopies instead of textbooks.


We are confident that with your support, Immaculée, Christopher and Angelica will be able to pursue their dreams and bring, transformational and permanent change to Haiti.


Thank you for considering your support of this ambitious campaign

Derek Jean Baptiste 

Board Director, HELP

Sandra Anojulu 

Board Director, HELP

Support Opportunities per Student

Tuition, Room & Board $5,000 – $417 month

Room & Board $1,200 – $100 month

Advising Services $750 – $50 month

Career Services $300 – $25 month