2010 Earthquake

  • HELP Earthquake Relief Summary

    Along with all of Haiti, HELP was significantly impacted by the January 2010 earthquake, but we were also able to turn HELP students from victims into powerful actors, providing assistance to their fellow Haitians. Check out a summary of HELP’s contribution to the relief and recovery efforts.

  • From Haiti to Hanover

    In the wake of the earthquake, Dartmouth College accepted two of HELP’s top students for their spring session…

  • Rebuilding Haiti’s higher education system

    The Chronicle of Higher Education discusses a report by Haitian think-tank INURED, using data collected throughout the spring of 2010 by HELP students while many universities were still closed in the aftermath of the quake. The full CHE article includes a link to the complete INURED report.

  • HELP students helping Haiti, thanks to you!

    In the days following the earthquake, as we accounted for all of the students, we began looking for opportunities for many students…

  • Education System Also Leveled in Quake

    HELP’s founder and Executive Director Conor Bohan and HELP students Jean-Faubert Dorancy and Joseph-Chrislyn Bastien are featured in a New York Times article on the devastating impact of the earthquake on Haiti’s university system.

  • A sad day at HELP

    Samson was recovering some books at the old HELP center yesterday afternoon when a neighbor approached him with a letter that someone had asked him to deliver to HELP…

  • Recovering Haiti, renewing hope

    A friend here recently said “things are starting to come back; not to normal, just back.” There is a new normal in Port-au-Prince…