• Yoldy Jacques-Simon

    Computer Science – Class of 2012

    Educational opportunities are limited in the small town on Haiti’s northwestern tip where Yoldy grew up and where both of his parents still work the land. (more…)

  • Sebacien Cater Cesar

    Management – Class of 2015

    Born in the coastal countryside of southern Haiti, Sebacien’s mother could not afford to support him growing up, so he was adopted and raised by his godmother. (more…)

  • Ronel LeFranc

    Agro-Environment – Class of 2013

    Ronel originally wanted to be an engineer, but after learning about the environment in high school, he realized that this was his true passion. (more…)

  • Syndie Pierre-Canel

    Chemistry – Class of 2008

    2003 may seem far away for a lot of us today, but for me it is not. I was at the top of my senior class at an all-girls high school in Port-au-Prince. I was living with my sister and two brothers. (more…)

  • Dany Selmé

    Economics – Class of 2008

    My name is Dany Selmé. I was born in 1985 in Petite Rivière, a small town in central Haiti. My mother has three children and my father had five other children before met my mother. (more…)

More than 80% of HELP graduates work in Haiti

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