• Florenal Joseph

    Agronomy – Class of 2002

    HELP alum Florenal Joseph is pursuing a Master’s degree at Brooklyn College and participated in the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) Bioenergy Review in 2010. (more…)

  • Isemonde Joseph

    Medicine – Class of 2005

    I am from Cite Soleil, a poor neighborhood in Port-au-Prince. Most people call it a slum. I grew up with my grandmother, father, mother, two sisters, and two brothers in our two-room house, with no plumbing and two light bulbs. (more…)

  • Wilkins Jean-Gilles

    Accounting – Class of 2012

    When Wilkins was young, he did math for fun. On vacation from school, he would entertain himself by doing the hardest exercises he could find in his math books. (more…)

  • Jean-Jimmy Plantin

    Medicine – Class of 2011

    Jean-Jimmy’s motivation to study comes from hardship. “Since I was little, I remember my father being sick,” he says. “We would look for a doctor and not find one.” (more…)

  • Gina Francois

    Accounting – Class of 2008

    According to statistics, nowhere in the hemisphere is it harder to find work than in Haiti. However, armed with the proper training and attitude, HELP students continue to flourish after graduation, maintaining a 100 percent employment rate and garnering praise from employers and colleagues alike. (more…)

  • Anne-Martine Augustin

    Engineering – Class of 2015

    If she had it her way, Anne-Martine would never have to leave her hometown of Cap-Haitien – she would be able to attend university and study engineering there. In her HELP application essay, she wrote about the problem of centralization in Haiti, and the fact that more opportunities should be created outside the capital. (more…)

  • Stanley Clermont

    Electrical Engineering – Class of 2011

    Stanley became the sole breadwinner for a dozen people after the January 2010 earthquake destroyed his cousin’s house in Port-au-Prince. Thanks to HELP, Stanley landed a job as an interpreter for the British Red Cross, where he could make use of his English skills. (more…)

  • Jean-Faubert Dorancy

    Computer Science – Class of 2011

    As one of the top students in his high school class, Jean-Faubert typically received a partial scholarship to put towards his studies. Even so, he had trouble making up the rest of the fees, and clearly remembers being told he could not take his exams if his fees were not paid in full. (more…)

  • Nemdia Daceney

    Economics – Class of 2013

    Nemdia loves haute couture. She grew up watching her neighbors sew clothes and used to dress up her dolls. If she has her way, she’ll make enough money with her economics degree to open her own studio someday. (more…)

  • Indieu Jules

    Computer Science – Class of 2012

    Indieu initially wanted to study medicine, but he’s glad he’s chosen computer science as a career path instead. “It’s more realistic,” says he says. “All I need is a computer and my competence. Doctors need a lot more: books are expensive and medical school takes a long time to finish. And I never would have had my own clinic.” (more…)

I have become much more conscious and concerned about social problems and inequities that Haitians face day-to-day. I’ve learned that I can accept any challenge and I can do great things if I put my mind to it.

— Anne-Martine Augustin, engineering, class of 2014

Sebacien Cater Cesar