The MasterCard Foundation Partners with HELP

The MasterCard Foundation is strengthening HELP with several related initiatives including the development of a 5-year strategic plan, acquisition of IT equipment and software for the HELP Student Center and the design and launch of the new HELP website which provides visitors with more information, allows our supporters to more easily connect to HELP and tells the stories of our students in a more compelling way. All this makes it easier for us to explain our HELP’s mission and the essential role it will play in Haiti’s long-term development. As a result of HELP’s partnership with The MasterCard Foundation, seven incoming HELP students and their classmates will directly benefit from a stronger organization. Like HELP, The MasterCard Foundation’s work is based on a conviction that “every person has the potential to transform their lives and improve the lives of their families and communities”. HELP scholarships definitely transform the lives of our students, their families and communities so we are grateful for this partnership of two like-minded institutions.