Haiti HELP
Employment Rate 50% 98%
Average Annual Salary $810 $15,000
University Graduation Rate 40% 84%
Graduates Working in Country 16% 90%

I was raised by my mother who was a poor washer woman who never went to school. Her income was not enough to feed us every day, so she couldn’t pay for our school…

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2003 may seem far away for a lot of us today, but for me it is not. I was at the top of my graduating class at an all-girls high school in Port-au-Prince. I was living with my sister and two brothers. My father died when I was 8 years old leaving my mother with a family of 2 boys and 3 girls….

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HELP is one of the few organizations leading the transition from an industrial economy to a knowledge economy in the developing world. A nation’s educated class builds economic and social stability – Haiti needs a large-scale increase in university enrollment to escape generations of poverty and actively participate in the global economy. HELP is building a new middle class in the developing world.

HELP students studying by lamplight in a dorm

In Haiti, where the unemployment rate is around 50%, HELP graduates have almost a 100% employment rate with an average salary of over $15,000 – almost twenty times the average GDP per capita. HELP graduates are employed as the engineers, doctors, nurses, computer programmers, accountants, administrators and librarians Haiti so desperately needs. As HELP alumni become part of the professional class, their siblings, children, nieces and nephews follow in their footsteps. Helping one person earn a university degree can raise an entire family out of poverty.

In a country that has one doctor for every 10,000 people, each additional doctor represents a significant increase in the availability of health care. HELP has graduated a dozen MD’s and is currently sponsoring several medical students. Eventually HELP graduates will open their own medical and law practices, accounting and software firms; rent office space, hire employees, create jobs and build the economy.