News from HELP

The Story of HELP on Film

August 21, 2014

We’re very pleased to share HELP’s latest video, documenting the mission and methods of the program, and the stories of some of our students and alums. We hope you enjoy it!

Learning with Libra

Student Summer Internships in the U.S.

August 21, 2014

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This summer, three graduating seniors spent two months in the U.S., interning with the Libra Group, a multinational business with interests in shipping, aviation, real estate, hospitality, and energy, as well as a number of “diversified” businesses. Libra launched their internship program for university students in 2011 and this is the first time that Haitian students have had the opportunity to participate.

Nemdia DACENEY (economics ‘14) and Ginel DORLEON (computer science ‘14) interned at Libra’s headquarters in New York City, Ginel in the IT department and Nemdia working in support of Libra’s many education initiatives. Elice ORESTE (industrial engineering ‘14) worked in the production department at Greenwood Energy in Green Bay, WI, which produces pellets from industrial waste to be used as a coal alternative.

2014 Recruitment Reflections

Students and staff share their experiences

May 8, 2014

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This year, HELP identified our recruitment drive as a priority and developed a new strategy for the January – March recruitment period. Over the course of 12 weeks, student-led teams visited over 1,000 schools across the country and spoke directly to more than 160,000 secondary school students, even reaching those in remote areas like the islands of La Tortue and La Gonave. “We put in a strong effort this year, and the results speak for themselves,” says Recruiting Intern Landy Sabrina CYPRIEN (agronomy ’15). “Some notable differences from past years include the assignment of team leaders for each department and the increased availability of vehicles and materials for each team. These changes allowed for better productivity and time management.” HELP’s outreach was expanded even further by our student media teams, which appeared on more than 50 regional and national radio stations, and by our partners at Digicel, who sent a nationwide text blast with admissions information to 2,000,000 subscribers!

Success of Student Sponsorship

May 8, 2014


HELP has been sponsoring deserving students for over 15 years, and we are firm believers that education is the most direct route out of poverty. It’s always nice to get validation that we are on the right track! We recently came across a 2013 article in the Journal of Political Economy which does just that. In the first study of its kind, U.S. based researchers concluded that international sponsorship dramatically increases the probability that a beneficiary will finish school. In fact, the study found that international sponsorship increased the probability of a beneficiary completing a university education by 50%–80%, and increased the probability of obtaining a white collar job by 35%. Thanks to all of our sponsors for increasing the chances of success for all HELP students and for Haiti.

Artists for Haiti Showcases Students’ Stories

Artists for Haiti profiles three students

February 14, 2014

Many thanks to Artists for Haiti for their generous support, Cine Institute for their production work, and Fegens, Maureen, and Pierre-Charles for sharing their stories!

HELP Featured in Kristof Op-Ed

List of holiday gifts that make a difference

December 20, 2013

We are honored to be included in Nicholas Kristof’s annual holiday giving guide in his latest New York Times column. It was a pleasure to welcome Mr. Kristof to the HELP Student Center last week and to introduce him to our extraordinary students who are proving that “education is the best escalator out of poverty.”

Working with Western Union & WKKF

Partnering to promote leadership and education

December 19, 2013


This fall, HELP celebrated a very exciting landmark. We received the two largest single-year grant disbursements in our history, thanks to the generous partnership of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation (WKKF) and the Western Union Foundation. Both WKKF and Western Union have a longstanding focus on education, and together they are sponsoring nearly 20% of the HELP student body for the 2013-2014 school year. WKKF’s support for HELP is part of their recently launched 15-year commitment to Haiti, while Western Union’s engagement comes via their three-year “Education for Better” global campaign.