Featured HELP Alumni


Ronel LeFranc

Field of Study: Agro-Environment
Class of 2013

Ronel originally wanted to be an engineer, but after learning about the environment in high school, he realized that…

CESAR Sebacien Cater

Sebacien Cater Cesar

Field of Study: Management
Expected Graduation: 2015

Born in the coastal countryside of southern Haiti, Sebacien’s mother could not afford to support him growing up…


Yoldy Jacques-Simon

Field of Study: Computer Science
Class of 2012

Educational opportunities are limited in the small town on Haiti’s northwestern tip where Yoldy grew up …

JULES Indieu

Indieu Jules

Field of Study: Computer Science
Class of 2012

Indieu initially wanted to study medicine, but he’s glad he’s chosen computer science as a career path…


Nemdia Daceney

Field of Study: Economics
Class of 2013

Without HELP’s support, Nemdia might have tried to open a small beauty salon instead of going to university…

DORANCY Jean-Faubert thumb

Jean-Faubert Dorancy

Computer Science - Class of 2011

A top high school student, Jean-Faubert remembers being told he couldn’t take exams if his fees were not paid in full.


Stanley Clermont

Electrical Engineering - Class of 2011

After the January 2010 earthquake, Stanley became the sole breadwinner for a dozen people…

AUGUSTIN Anne Martine

Anne-Martine Augustin

Field of study: Engineering
Class of 2015

If she had it her way, Anne-Martine would never have to leave her hometown of Cap-Haitien…

gina thumb

Gina Francois

Accounting - Class of 2008

As an accounting major, Gina distinguished herself by earning the highest GPA in HELP history…


Dany Selmé

Economics - Class of 2008

My mother was a poor washerwoman who never went to school. Her income was not enough to feed us every day…