Featured HELP Alumni


Yoldy Jacques-Simon

Field of Study: Computer Science
Class of 2012

Educational opportunities are limited in the small town on Haiti’s northwestern tip where Yoldy grew up …

JULES Indieu

Indieu Jules

Field of Study: Computer Science
Class of 2012

Indieu initially wanted to study medicine, but he’s glad he’s chosen computer science as a career path…

DORANCY Jean-Faubert thumb

Jean-Faubert Dorancy

Computer Science - Class of 2011

A top high school student, Jean-Faubert remembers being told he couldn’t take exams if his fees were not paid in full.


Stanley Clermont

Electrical Engineering - Class of 2011

After the January 2010 earthquake, Stanley became the sole breadwinner for a dozen people…

gina thumb

Gina Francois

Accounting - Class of 2008

As an accounting major, Gina distinguished herself by earning the highest GPA in HELP history…


Dany Selmé

Economics - Class of 2008

My mother was a poor washerwoman who never went to school. Her income was not enough to feed us every day…

syndie thumb

Syndie Pierre-Canel

Chemistry - Class of 2008

My father died when I was eight years old leaving my mother with a family of two boys and three girls…

PLANTIN Jean Jimmy resize

Jean-Jimmy Plantin

Field of Study: Medicine
Class of 2011

Jean-Jimmy’s motivation to study comes from hardship. “Since I was little, I remember my father being sick,” he says…


Isemonde Joseph

Medicine - Class of 2005

I grew up with my grandmother, father, mother, two sisters, and two brothers in our two-room house, with no plumbing and two light bulbs…

florenal thumb

Florenal Joseph

Agronomy - Class of 2002

Florenal recently completed a Master’s degree at Brooklyn College and participated in the AFOSR Bioenergy Review in 2010…